Frye Paints

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Danielle Frye is a painter  from Minot, North Dakota. In 2008, she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she earned two degrees, a Bachelors of Fine Art in Studio Art as well as a Bachelors in Italian Studies from the University of Minnesota. She spent the academic year of 2010 in Italy studying the Baroque and Renaissance masters while attending studio classes at the Rome University of Fine Arts in Rome. 

Frye has been featured at the Katherine Nash Gallery's exhibition "Kaleidoscope" in 2013, and currently has two pieces on permanent display; one in Coffman Memorial Union and one at the Corner Bar. 

Currently Frye is pursuing a career in Graphic Design. While pursuing freelance work from home, she also works full time as a Graphic Designer for Hohenstein's in Woodbury, Minnesota.

Artist Statement

Realistic art has the ability to mirror the world and offer the viewer a new perspective which can potentially alter one’s preconceived reality. Using food itself as inspiration and equally as a weapon, I replicate the mundane objects the media force feeds society in a manner that poses a question: which is the truthful rendition, the viewer’s preconceived reality or the reality the painting suggests? Because of these possibilities, I look to art to lure, inform, satisfy, disgust, warn, and entice.